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What do you get when we help you with team management?

Team management with HR Hints

Working with us, step by step

What is the process like?

Up to 7 days: Identified needs

You get:
- a series of 1on1 meetings with key people in the organization to identify needs and challenges
- workshop on defining company culture

Up to 10 days: A detailed action plan

You get:
- your Partner's work plan for the next 6 months
- proposal of objectives to be achieved in the first months
- specific results that you can expect

Up to 14 days: First results

You get:
- a schedule of meetings with the board, managers and employees,
- first results of our cooperation (complete processes, procedures)

Up to 3 months: Results of the Partner's work

You get:
- implemented processes, procedures and projects included in the plan,
- recommendations for further actions and next steps in our cooperation.


report on our work (not only actions: results and effects + impact on your business)
ongoing support in all urgent challenges and problems
review and plan for the next week
working with leaders and managers


efficiency of team work achieved by increasing engagement
more goals achieved of those planned for the quarter
lower operating costs
lower employee turnover
saved by reducing leaders' time spent on solving team problems
quarterly savings on irrelevant and ineffective managerial trainings

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Aleksander Fronczek



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HR Hints joined us at quite a difficult time when we were left without any senior HR people and had ongoing multiple complex HR projects. They helped us a lot by taking over communication not only with the employees, but also represented Codewise within the group's global HR function.

How do we work in practice?

Case studies

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2.5x higher effectiveness among leaders

Creating a team and dependency structure between leaders and teams, introduced new ways of how leaders report and goals they achieve, which increased effectiveness 2.5x in half a year.

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Operating costs reduced by 15%

Reducing the company's operating costs by 15% due to proper separation of duties and responsibilities, changing the structure and reporting of leaders.

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Team efficiency increased to 95%

Increasing team efficiency to 95% in 4 months by introducing accountability rules for leaders and their teams in terms of achieved goals.

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What makes us different?

HR Hints

External consultant

joining your team and full ownership of managing the team
external consultancy
working only on a selected segment or a single project
partnership plan tailored to your needs, based on in-depth conversations
acting ad hoc, without a strategy
outside of the context of your organization
implementation of suggested changes, measured with the outcomes
providing only recommendations, a to-do list
without implementing it and making sure you get the results
a structured, systematic, replicable work method based on experience from 150+ companies
lack of work methodology due to small scale
20+ experts
former founders and experts with experience in psychology, law, sales, building products, etc., who have worked for companies from startups to corporations
a solo consultant
with limited experience and list of projects
business as usual
ongoing support, being in touch on a daily basis
working "from-to"
not going beyond an established framework
fixed monthly price
billed for work and reaching specific goals
hourly billing
unpredictable, easy to  abuse

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Piotr Kononow



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I feel I have a trusted and wise advisor as a CEO. It’s really great to have him on the team.

When a startup hits around 20 employees it needs to evolve and treat HR and organization more seriously. It’s no longer just a team of people building a product – it starts growing into a serious company. It needs to get organized, build hierarchy, scale, and become more efficient. It's a challenging process.

Marcin from HR Hints helped us with that transition. He helped us hire and build our internal HR, and helps us grow managers (our US based Head of Sales speaks highly of him as his manager coach), and plan growth and development of our team and organization.

Marcin is really experienced and I feel I have a trusted and wise advisor as a CEO.

Tomasz Rudolf

Co-Founder & CEO


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Our leadership team has benefited a lot from this support.

We have engaged Nobert to help us get ready for scaling our team & organization after our seed round. It's been a pleasure to work with him. I admire his ability to listen, lead the group & distill insights that define the culture we want to build. Our leadership team has benefited a lot from his support. We look forward to continuing the journey together.

Tomasz Domino

Chief Operating Officer


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I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future!

We were fortunate to have Marcin as an interim Head of People for a few months. Marcin perfectly combines excellent HR skills with business understanding. He helped us solve several complex issues, rebuild and reorganize the entire People Team, and effectively onboard a new HR leader. I highly recommend Marcin as a People & Culture Expert, and I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future!

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