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Maja Schaefer



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Roza's experience and knowledge are unique - she understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses and deeply understands human behavior.

HR Hints is a partner who helps scale the team, align and improve the culture and become a better leader.

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Rozalia Hologa

VP of Operations

Ramp Network


HR Hints has built the Ramp team. They are experts in the people area.

Within 1.5 years of cooperation at a very intensive stage of development (growth from rune A to round B), HR Hints has built the Ramp team and helped shape the culture of our company. They are experts in the people area, guaranteeing an efficiently managed team, solid and effective recruitment,  company culture fit and attention to employer branding. I relied on their knowledge and partnership many, many times.

Alina Sztoch

CEO & Co-founder



The HR Hints team offers only the methods that they’re using and are proven to work, improving your company’s efficiency.

A good example of a reliable system is the way Romans built triumphal arches. The builder stood under the bridge when the scaffolding was taken apart. That’s how Roza and HR Hints work. They offer only the methods that they’re using and are proven to work, improving your company’s efficiency.

They’re kind, mindful and open, but keep away from wish-wash and cliches. One of our managers said that the workshop that HR Hints run for us were the best ones he’s ever taken part in. And that doesn’t surprise me. A mix of business understanding, HR and psychology is rare, and the HR Hints team has that.

Marcin Kurek

Managing Partner

Market One Capital


HR Hints understands the specifics of the client and delivers great results.

I highly recommend working with Roza and HR Hints! Extensive experience in the technology industry allows them to understand the specifics of clients and deliver great results.

Ewelina Piechota

IT Sales Senior Key Account Manager

Grupa Pracuj

Experts at what they do.

I wholeheartedly recommend cooperation with Kasia - she's knowledgeable, reliable and professional. Kasia, thank you for the excellent training and sharing your know-how about recruitment in tech in an exceptional atmosphere!

Anna Maria Zurek

COO & Co-Founder



During a challenging time for our organization, Ada was an invaluable part of the team.

Ada came into our organization at a difficult time for us - extremely rapid growth and team expansion, an underdeveloped HR segment and the need to replace the HR head we laid off. Along with the HR Hints team, Ada perfectly filled the gap during this challenging time. She researched our needs, sorted out several processes, and prepared an excellent ground for a new HR leader, whom she recruited quickly and effectively. On behalf of myself, the management team, and the entire Going. team, I would like to say: "Thank you, Ada!"

Dominik Szczygiel




One of my most productive collaborations!

Working with Norbert for several months was one of my most productive collaborations. We worked on organizational culture, organizational structure, and goals settings. Norbert is a very proactive and ownership-driven individual who I find extremely pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Norbert if your organization is experiencing a lot of changes.

Lukasz Pawlik

CEO & Co-founder



When HR Hints provided us with Norbert as interim HR director, I was extremely surprised with the quality delivered!

Norbert's experience (both as an entrepreneur and HR expert) helped us a lot. Also, his demeanor and personality were right on the spot for the role.

Norbert helped us to lay ground for our company culture and provided advice and methodologies for management struggling with an organization quickly growing from 20 to 40 people.

Pawel Rzeszucinski

Group Head of Data and AI

CentralNic PLC


Ania is a Talent Partner every manager dreams of.

She is dedicated, on-the-job, dynamic, experienced, kind, and ultra-responsive. I literally felt sad when her Interim contract with the company came to an end. Thank you, Ania!

Artur Gerwel

CEO & Co-founder


Roza is great at connecting with others, which helps her bring out the best in people.

Roza conducted a workshop for dotLinkers on the subject of phone communication with candidates. We started the workshop with an analysis of the challenges we face. Although we always try to look at each issue from many different angles, Roza brought a new perspective which allowed us to work out mechanisms of handling various situations during phone calls. Roza quickly builds relationships that get the best out of people, and training sessions like this take place in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Her experience and expert knowledge made this workshop one of the best we have had at dotLinkers.

Karolina Gruca

Talent Acquisition Manager



When Roza takes on a project, it will be done, on time, at the highest quality level.

Her diligence, professionalism, extraordinary focus on people, impressive knowledge and recruitment practices and - what’s most important - great passion, guaranteed amazing results of any activities and projects she was dealing with while we were working together.

When Roza takes on a project, it will be done, on time, at the highest quality level. She supported the Qualtrics team for 3 years and I'm sure that she will be a treasure to whomever she chooses to work with.

Mateusz Kulesza

Co-founder & Board Member



A living example of an excellent organization combined with expert knowledge on everything that’s related to people.

For HR Hints and Norbert, everything’s possible. For every problem that I came to them with, they offered practical support and a thorough analysis of pros and cons of potential solutions. And then we’d go straight into action. :)

Joanna Ignaczak

Talent Partner



A perfect combination of HR and business perspectives!

Having Marcin as your HR partner in crime fills meetings with inspirations and solutions ready to be used, especially when it comes to IT companies.

Marcin conducted culture workshops for Dataedo and helped us in the process of discovering our company values. It was a great experience both for me and the team. I would recommend working with Marcin and HR Hints as a People & Culture Experts to all organizations that want to become more efficient!

Malwina Widz

Head of Sales



I got actionable advice that was directly connected to our everyday challenges.

Ada always tries her best to understand the partner's company perspective and get into its organizational culture. Her recommendations and guidance are directly connected to everyday challenges of a company, tailored just for you and effective.

Dawid Wasilewski

Co-founder & CLO



Ania and HR Hints successfully helped me build a technology team.

Ania is communicative, helpful, committed, easy to talk to, concrete, very substantive, and effective. Working with her was a sheer pleasure.

Aleksander Paczek




Working with HR Hints is definitely more than working with any consulting agency.

I can sincerely recommend Ada to any rapidly growing company that needs support in the field of People & Culture. Thanks to HR Hints' unique cooperation model, Ada was practically a member of our team for four months and identified its problems and challenges. During this period, we managed to define our company culture, mission, and vision and reorganize our management team.

Maria Krukar

Head of Customer Success



I can describe it in two words - full professionalism.

I have worked with Norbert for several months to develop my leadership skills, time, and team management. Norbert showed me the techniques of delegating tasks and giving feedback and helped me organize the team's career paths. I appreciate Norbert, especially for his truthfulness and being a fully committed expert.

Bartosz Sajewski

Marketing Lead



HR Hints offers an absolutely unique approach to HR.

Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their company performance through improving people processes - this team will offer you expertise and bring your organization to a whole new level.

Dorota Gordon

Head of People



Value for the entire organization!

Marcin worked for us as a consultant whilst we set up the permanent structure for the People Team. He was able to lay the foundations for our team and set up rules for effective work. Marcin went above and beyond to work with various stakeholders to establish the best way for the team to contribute to the strategy of the organization.

The support offered by HR Hints goes far beyond HR - they bring value to the entire organization, improving its efficiency.

Dominika Maciolek

HR Director



Norbert has a lot of experience in implementing HR processes that increase business efficiency.

He can accurately identify priorities and adjust solutions to the company's needs. He also has a very high business orientation. Norbert is very open, cares about a good atmosphere in the team, and willingly shares his knowledge.

Karolina Wilk

Head of Acceleration


Professionalism, quality, responsiveness, giving value!

I can certainly recommend HR Hints services as a reliable and knowledgeable partner. As part of cooperation with ReaktorX, HR Hints conducts training in the field of recruitment in technological companies, as well as advised startups in the field of recruitment and HR processes.

The companies loved it, highly recommend!

Bartosz Bukalo

Head of Sales



I highly recommend working with HR Hints, also as a candidate!

The team carried out my recruitment process and onboarding in a new company very professionally, and at the same time in a friendly way that minimized stress - which is always a welcome relief during an important matter like a job change. I believe that this type of support is a huge benefit for every company and a way to build a positive image as a potential employer, right from the very beginning.

Max Moscicki

Vice President



Best company to work with if somebody is looking for top talent.

Filip is professional, nice to work with, thorough and has all the skills that make him an expert. I highly recommend him and HR Hints!

Andrzej Zawada

Director of Medical Relations



I recommend them to anyone who wants their team members to develop their competencies, believe in what they are doing, achieve their goals and feel heard.

I had the pleasure of working with Norbert for several months. During this time, Norbert and I worked on developing goals and implementing best practices in team management so that my team feels motivated and engaged and feels a sense of purpose in their work. Norbert, it was a pleasure working with you!

Piotr Kononow




I feel I have a trusted and wise advisor as a CEO. It’s really great to have him on the team.

When a startup hits around 20 employees it needs to evolve and treat HR and organization more seriously. It’s no longer just a team of people building a product – it starts growing into a serious company. It needs to get organized, build hierarchy, scale, and become more efficient. It's a challenging process.

Marcin from HR Hints helped us with that transition. He helped us hire and build our internal HR, and helps us grow managers (our US based Head of Sales speaks highly of him as his manager coach), and plan growth and development of our team and organization.

Marcin is really experienced and I feel I have a trusted and wise advisor as a CEO.

Mateusz Mucha

CEO & Founder

Omni Calculator


Once in a while you meet people who make you and your company better. Roza is one of those gems.

Roza is a rare mix of energy and deep insight into this human side of doing business that us geeks don’t quite comprehend. She has helped our startup with recruitment and mentored me on HR-related issues on multiple occasions over the past 2.5 years. Not only did she see things I didn’t, she also knew how to act on them.

Marta Bielawska

Head of HR & Safety



It was a great pleasure to work with Kasia. She was a key and reliable team member!

If you are looking for a great, natural and authentic leader, Kasia is this person! She has huge experience both in hard and soft HR.  One of her unique strengths though is her ability to build superb relationships with Managers and Employees.

Kasia always puts people first, not forgetting about business. She's an inspiring leader and a supporting partner. I think that this is extremely lucky for any organization to have her onboard!

Kuba Kulasa


Agencja Nie Do Ogarnięcia


Partnering with HR Hints enriched our business in various ways.

I've collaborated with Kasia through HR Hints for a month since she assumed her role as the new People & Culture Partner. In this short period of time, we successfully recruited and smoothly onboarded our first full-time People Generalist. Furthermore, we often turned to Kasia for guidance when faced with challenging situations, and her advice was incredibly valuable to me. From my standpoint, partnering with Kasia has enriched us in various ways, not only in people-related areas, but also when it comes to strictly business matters.

Bryan Lee

Head of Product



I recommend HR Hints to any company looking for someone who understands the balance between business success and employee well-being.

It's a pleasure to work with Marek. He's passionate about his work and cares not only about the business aspects of HR but also the people aspects. His passion and commitment to finding the best HR solutions resonate with me a lot, and I wholeheartedly recommend HR Hints to any company looking for someone who understands the balance between business success and employee well-being.

Tessa McIver

Community Manager

Warsaw Equity Group


HR Hints - they were professional and a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

The HR Hints team supported recruitment and ran a workshop for our companies in the Warsaw Equity Group. The reception from the participants was excellent. They really know their stuff and are responsive, communicative and proactive. Highly recommended!

Magda Stanowska

Head of Talent

Ramp Network


Professionalism, hard work and perseverance.

I've had the pleasure to work with Patrycja on building the Ramp team. It was unique how easily the recruiters were able to change the specialty of the candidates they hired. They were always proactive with recruitment strategies, focusd on delivery, and acted as team players.

Marcin Spiewak

Co-Founder & CTO



We got a top expert in the People area.

Norbert is an expert in his field. His extensive knowledge of building company structure, internal communication, and HR processes helped our company reach the next level in People & Culture aspects. He is not only a consultant but also an actual member of the HR department during the transformation process.

Juliusz Kopczewski

Founder & CEO



It was the best experience with an HR recruiting service I've ever had.

Katarzyna is a world-class specialist in recruiting. Efficient, detail-oriented, responsive and thorough. She worked with me as a client on a pretty challenging position. It was the best experience with an HR recruiting service I've ever had. Can't recommend her enough.

Marta Slendak

Managing Director



I strongly recommend working with Kasia and HR Hints.

Within 3 months of working with Kasia, we've built several key processes in the organization. We implemented tools to improve internal communication and created a Culture Book. Kasia was also very helpful in ongoing interpersonal challenges, effectively advising solutions.

Maciej Malenda

Co-Founder & COO



HR Hints provided me with a reliable and experienced partner to work with.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Norbert for several months in Doctor.One.

He always created a safe and constructive environment for tough, people-oriented discussions throughout multiple conversations and dilemmas we were solving. He is a strong, thoughtful leader with huge experience in delicate, personal matters. After each meeting, call or workshop, I was surprised by how much deeper we can understand each other as a team and as individuals.

Agnieszka Olfans

Senior Legal Counsel

Ramp Network


All areas that needed improvement were addressed in a cooperative and stress-free manner.

Working with Weronika was a huge pleasure and a valuable lesson for me. She has always dealt with complex and difficult tasks wisely, strategically, and always with ease and a sense of humor!

I've experienced that her skill set allows her to deal with huge projects effectively, involving other people to give and cooperate for the sake of common success.

Ewa Koch

Head of Newsroom

Radio 357


Invaluable help with HR topics!

A combination of knowledge and experience - this is cooperation with Norbert in a nutshell. He is an invaluable help in HR topics, both when it comes to "everyday" team management and difficult situations.

He is precise in pointing out solutions that ultimately lead to growth and prevent conflicts. He can impart knowledge in a very accessible way thanks to his exceptional communication skills. I highly recommend working with Norbert!

Damian Grimling

Founder & CEO



I strongly recommend HR Hints.

Full professionalism, hiring for very demanding roles was completed with full success. And in the area of "soft HR" - organizing company culture - they lead in-depth meetings, they're high-class specialists. Definitely worth it.

Chase Summers

Head of Sales & Customer Success



I would absolutely recommend working with HR Hints to grow as a leader and manager.

Marek was fantastic in our time working together. In our weekly meetings, we discussed the challenges and opportunities that I face in my current leadership role. Marek was very engaging and provided thoughtful guidance. What I appreciate the most is that Marek was willing to challenge me on my approach and provided constant feedback on areas of improvement.

Edyta Stocka

Head of People Experience & Development



HR Hints should be your first choice as they have top-notch experience and knowledge. 

A short and effective collaboration with Norbert allowed merXu to speed up the implementation of our HR processes which we needed.

HR Hints helps overcome challenges - often repetitive patterns in building a startup - for which they have tried-and-tested solutions.

Piotr Grzegorczyk

Co-founder & CEO



Norbert helped us with all the people & organisational matters in the company.

I highly recommend him and we definitely will use HR Hints services in the future.

Mateusz Pniewski




We knew from the start that we were dealing with people with not only impressive HR knowledge, but also great passion for what they do.

We have been working with HR Hints for a few months now and during this time we have benefited from both recruitment and consulting support. As a startup we needed someone who can keep up with the dynamic changes in our team.

And HR Hints provided us with just what we needed. Their deep understanding of the startup environment, professional approach and transparency made working with them a pleasure. We knew from the start that we were dealing with people with not only impressive HR knowledge, but also great passion for what they do.

I would highly recommend working with HR Hints to anyone looking for professional and passionate HR specialists.

Matthew Sink

Co-Founder & COO

The Village Network


An excellent partner to scale our organization and bring crucial talent.

Patrycja has been a delight to partner with as we looked to scale our organization and bring crucial talent to our teams. She’s communicative, responsible, and listens to the needs of your organization. I recommend her!

Tomasz Swieboda

Managing Partner

Inovo Venture Partners


The whole process was led in a very transparent way, with listening to feedback, great quality of contacts and constant exchange of opinions and points of view. We definitely got all and more than we expected.

We have worked with Roza from HR Hints on hiring the Inovo team. The experience, market knowledge and understanding of the startup environment were noticeable, which is a great value for us as a VC fund. The whole process was led in a very transparent way, with listening to feedback, great quality of contacts and constant exchange of opinions and points of view. I really liked the level of understanding of our culture. And I always appreciate the proud goal to find the best person who will – on one hand – perfectly match the team and – on the other hand – will add much to Inovo’s company growth.

We are ambitious and rely heavily on our partners, trusting their broad HR knowledge and expertise. We definitely got all and more than we expected.

Aleksander Fronczek




I recommend HR Hints to anyone looking for help in HR-related topics.

HR Hints joined us at quite a difficult time when we were left without any senior HR people and had ongoing multiple complex HR projects. They helped us a lot by taking over communication not only with the employees, but also represented Codewise within the group's global HR function.

Tomasz Rudolf

Co-Founder & CEO



Our leadership team has benefited a lot from this support.

We have engaged Nobert to help us get ready for scaling our team & organization after our seed round. It's been a pleasure to work with him. I admire his ability to listen, lead the group & distill insights that define the culture we want to build. Our leadership team has benefited a lot from his support. We look forward to continuing the journey together.

Tomasz Domino

Chief Operating Officer



I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future!

We were fortunate to have Marcin as an interim Head of People for a few months. Marcin perfectly combines excellent HR skills with business understanding. He helped us solve several complex issues, rebuild and reorganize the entire People Team, and effectively onboard a new HR leader. I highly recommend Marcin as a People & Culture Expert, and I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future!

Magdalena Bochynska

Head of People

Ramp Network


HR Hints is not afraid of fast pace and challenges.

Weronika saved my life so many times when we worked together. She is motivated, forward-thinking and has lots of knowledge in her field. She's proactive, ambitious, dedicated - never sees a problem and is always looking for solutions.

Weronika has a knack for building interpersonal relations with others and is a reliable professional. Even though I was the one who was supposed to manage her, she taught me so much and I could always be sure that together we'll get the job done well.

Witold Chochol




I'm sure that Norbert's knowledge and experience will benefit every organization.

Norbert has supported our company in crucial aspects of organizational development and management. As CEO, I worked with Norbert directly and witnessed his impact on my company.

The key ones for me were: organizing the structure and responsibilities, resolving interpersonal conflicts, developing top management's communication skills.

I highly recommend HR Hints as experts in company growth, scaling culture, change management, operations, and conflict resolution.

Michal Blak

CEO & Co-founder



I was a staunch opponent of outsourcing until working with HR Hints. If you are looking for support with team building or creating an effective culture - this is the best address.

HR Hints' strength is its team of experienced recruitment and workplace culture experts who have worked for both fast-growing technology companies and traditional businesses. For companies of different scales and maturity. With the tools and practices that HR Hints has brought to edrone and the support of Kasia as interim Head of People & Culture, we have been able to build a strong and consistent culture that our people identify with.

Chase Summers

Head of Sales & Customer Success



I'm reminded daily how fortunate I am that Dataedo invests in Marcin and his team at HR Hints.

He has helped me through the hard times - and helped me avoid many more. Your team deserves a leader who grows alongside them. Marcin has served as an incredible mentor and support system throughout my transition.

Monika Lubecka




It was a pleasure to have Kasia, an HR Hints expert, and I hope she will have the chance to help more companies like ours.

Kasia worked with us at Telemedi for 3 months and during this time she made the organisational processes clearer and easier for the employees. She showed us how to recruit people who fit perfectly into our organisation and supported us in our daily routines.

Maja Schaefer




Roza's experience and knowledge are unique - she understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses and deeply understands human behavior.

HR Hints is a partner who helps scale the team, align and improve the culture and become a better leader.

Marek Kapturkiewicz

Co-founder, Investor & Partner

Innovation Nest


I was absolutely amazed at how many of the very complex processes in the most sensitive area of the company were regulated and organised thanks to her fantastic professional work and dedication.

In my investor life, over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with HR Hints in two of our portfolio companies. I was absolutely amazed at how many of the very complex processes in the most sensitive area of the company (people and culture), both in the early stages and later during scaling, were regulated and organised through professional work and dedication. I was also impressed by how the results of the work in these areas spread throughout the organisation, from the founders to the mid-level, c-level and so on.

Piotr Orzechowski




I highly recommend HR Hints and hope our paths cross again someday!

I had the pleasure of working with HR Hints when their expert Marcin was interim HR Director at Infermedica. Marcin is one of the most experienced People & Culture specialists I have met. His pragmatic approach and great confidence make him extremely effective and helpful. Despite his short time as interim manager, Marcin helped us solve key people issues and inspired people within the company.

Daniel di Giusto

Co-founder & Executive Director

Tech To The Rescue


Working with HR Hints was a real pleasure. They know the little details that at the end of the day make all the difference and allow the most ambitious organisations to succeed.

The experts who looked after us ran the process from A to Z.

They supported us in defining the roles, the skills of the candidates, the hiring criteria and the recruitment process itself. They guided us through the interviews and advised us on who to choose, until the best candidates were identified and hired.

Over the course of our short but very effective collaboration, we recruited key team members who were strategic in providing humanitarian support in the places that needed it most.‍

I wouldn't be lying if I said that the 100 projects we completed in 6 months as part of our TechForUkraine campaign were made possible in large part by the support we received from HR Hints.‍

Max Saxon

Chief Operating Officer



Norbert always gave me thoughtful advice, even on difficult matters. He was a solution-oriented partner to my problems.

Norbert is a good and empathetic listener who takes into account diverse perspectives. Working with him, I could count on thoughtful support even in my most difficult challenges. At a certain stage of growth as a leader, such a partner is an invaluable asset.

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