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Team growth from 20 to 250 people in 1.5 years

Our client:
A cryptocurrency startup invested by VC
Team growth:
from 20 to 250
Time of cooperation:
14 months

What did we do?

Implementing an effective, standardized recruitment process aligned with the specifics of the cryptocurrency industry

In 1.5 years, over 230 employees have been hired, inc. CTO, COO, Legal Officers, Compliance Officers, Chiefs of Staff, and Chief People Officer

Streamlining the recruitment process to better match roles, the market, and hiring managers' capabilities

Employees spend 5 hours less on recruitment interviews and cost of employee acquisition dropped by 19%

Introducing empowerment practices, delegating and receiving tasks from newly hired employees and creating a standardized onboarding process

A quick and effective onboarding process for new employees

Leadership and panelists have been trained in interviewing and verifying candidates

Recruiting know-how was introduced in the organization to scale recruitment processes



I've had the pleasure to work with Patrycja on building the Ramp team. It was unique how easily the recruiters were able to change the specialty of the candidates they hired. They were always proactive with recruitment strategies, focusd on delivery, and acted as team players.

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