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Recruitment process shorter by 86 days

Our client:
A technology company in the e-commerce industry from the US
Team growth:
from 0 to 50
Time of cooperation:
11 months

What did we do?

Creating Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition strategies

A strong and recognizable employer brand on the local market, aligned with the values of the global company

Building communication, salary scales and benefits to attract candidates

Hiring 50 people well-matched to the organization's needs, even for the most demanding roles (e.g. senior engineer profiles and unique technologies)

Building a hiring plan and selecting key areas for the management team to focus on first

Hiring the best key managers to build a Polish branch

Creating a team structure and a hiring plan

Predictability, ability to make accurate forecasts and reducing operating costs

Streamlining the recruitment process to better match roles, the market, and hiring managers' capabilities

Recruitment processes reduced by an average of 86 days (from 128 to 42 days).

Access to a 14k+ candidate database from more than a dozen countries and using alternative methods of reaching and verifying candidates - e.g. Discord, anti-scam techniques, live coding.

The average cost of acquiring an employee reduced by 22%

I highly recommend working with Roza and HR Hints! Extensive experience in the technology industry allows them to understand the specifics of clients and deliver great results.

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