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We take ownership for people in your company and solve problems with a hands-on approach

15h less spent on solving teams' problems

by managers and leaders
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We implement business processes and measures, e.g. revenue per team

15% lower operating costs

on a quarterly basis
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Our activities

Effective leaders

We work with your key leaders on their competencies and effectiveness

2.5x better performance in reaching targets

comparing quarter to quarter
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How do we do it?

You get a dedicated Partner to build a team or organizational culture, who:

verifies your team's work with you and creates an action plan and specific goals for them to reach

organizes key processes tied to engagement, motivation and reducing employee turnover – from onboarding, to career development paths, to compensation and promotion systems

introduces company structure, tools and communications rhythms to increase team efficiency in reaching targets

introduces goals and accountability measures for your leadership team, giving you a tool to monitor how effective strategic actions are in your company

supports you in making the right decisions regarding people, which leads to a more effective use of your team’s potential

We operate in two areas: recruitment and team management

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Hiring plan and job profiles that will most effectively meet your business objectives
Shorter recruitment process (time-to-hire) by an average of 80 days
Access to a 30k+ talent pool across 12 countries
Tools to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process
A report on the recruiter's work and closed hires
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Team management

A 30-60-90 onboarding plan
Routines and communication rhythm: 1:1, All Hands, weekly, daily, stay interviews
Feedback culture
Performance measurement system and mapping career development paths
Implementation of remote/hybrid work policies, ESOPs, compensation system
Working with your leadership team on their strategic and managerial competencies
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How do we work in practice?

Case studies

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2.5x higher effectiveness among leaders

Creating a team and dependency structure between leaders and teams, introduced new ways of how leaders report and goals they achieve, which increased effectiveness 2.5x in half a year.

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Team growth from 20 to 250 people in 1.5 years

Growing a team from 20 to 250 people in 4 locations in 1.5 years through effective recruitment aligned with the specifics of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Recruitment process shorter by 86 days

Reducing recruitment time from 128 to 42 days and building a 50-person branch in Poland with an effective recruitment process tailored to the company's roles and needs.

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Rozalia Hologa

VP of Operations

Ramp Network

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HR Hints has built the Ramp team. They are experts in the people area.

Within 1.5 years of cooperation at a very intensive stage of development (growth from rune A to round B), HR Hints has built the Ramp team and helped shape the culture of our company. They are experts in the people area, guaranteeing an efficiently managed team, solid and effective recruitment,  company culture fit and attention to employer branding. I relied on their knowledge and partnership many, many times.

Karolina Gruca

Talent Acquisition Manager


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When Roza takes on a project, it will be done, on time, at the highest quality level.

Her diligence, professionalism, extraordinary focus on people, impressive knowledge and recruitment practices and - what’s most important - great passion, guaranteed amazing results of any activities and projects she was dealing with while we were working together.

When Roza takes on a project, it will be done, on time, at the highest quality level. She supported the Qualtrics team for 3 years and I'm sure that she will be a treasure to whomever she chooses to work with.

Mateusz Kulesza

Co-founder & Board Member


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A living example of an excellent organization combined with expert knowledge on everything that’s related to people.

For HR Hints and Norbert, everything’s possible. For every problem that I came to them with, they offered practical support and a thorough analysis of pros and cons of potential solutions. And then we’d go straight into action. :)

Joanna Ignaczak

Talent Partner


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A perfect combination of HR and business perspectives!

Having Marcin as your HR partner in crime fills meetings with inspirations and solutions ready to be used, especially when it comes to IT companies.

Marcin conducted culture workshops for Dataedo and helped us in the process of discovering our company values. It was a great experience both for me and the team. I would recommend working with Marcin and HR Hints as a People & Culture Experts to all organizations that want to become more efficient!

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