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We verify the work of an organization, implement goals and accountability metrics for managers and their teams, e.g. revenue per team

2.5x higher effectiveness among leaders

measured by reaching planned quarterly goals
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Agility and fast decision-making

We introduce measures and indicators to assess the work of the team

15% lower operating costs

on a quarterly basis
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Partner in company growth

We work with C-level to increase their leadership competencies and teach them how to lead teams more efficiently

25% more time

to focus on strategy, 33% less time spent on solving current team problems
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How do we do it?

Your portfolio companies get a dedicated Partner to build a team or organizational culture, who:

verifies the team's work and creates an action plan and specific goals for them to reach

organizes key processes tied to engagement, motivation and reducing employee turnover – from onboarding, to career development paths, to compensation and promotion systems

implements company structure, tools and communications rhythms to increase team effectiveness in reaching goals

introduces goals and accountability metrics of the leadership team, giving the founders a tool to monitor how effective strategic actions are in their company

supports decision-makers in making the right decisions regarding people, which leads to a more effective use of the team’s potential

We work with companies in two areas: recruitment and team management

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Efficient and fast recruitment process (shorter by an average of 80 days)
Hiring plan and job profiles that will most effectively achieve business goals
Access to a database of 30k+ candidates
Tools for measuring recruitment effectiveness
A report on the recruiter's work and closed hires
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Team management

Arranging the organizational structure to make the most efficient use of resources
Established routines, rhythm and rules of corporate communication, increasing the efficiency of an organization
Working with the board and key managers to improve the achievement of goals
System for measuring employee effectiveness and mapping career development paths
Compensation, bonuses and training policies to increase motivation and reduce turnover
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How do we work in practice?

Case studies

See how much we can achieve together with examples from our portfolio

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2.5x higher effectiveness among leaders

Creating a team and dependency structure between leaders and teams, introduced new ways of how leaders report and goals they achieve, which increased effectiveness 2.5x in half a year.

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Team growth from 20 to 250 people in 1.5 years

Growing a team from 20 to 250 people in 4 locations in 1.5 years through effective recruitment aligned with the specifics of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Recruitment process shorter by 86 days

Reducing recruitment time from 128 to 42 days and building a 50-person branch in Poland with an effective recruitment process tailored to the company's roles and needs.

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Marcin Kurek

Managing Partner

Market One Capital

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HR Hints understands the specifics of the client and delivers great results.

I highly recommend working with Roza and HR Hints! Extensive experience in the technology industry allows them to understand the specifics of clients and deliver great results.

Pawel Rzeszucinski

Group Head of Data and AI

CentralNic PLC

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Ania is a Talent Partner every manager dreams of.

She is dedicated, on-the-job, dynamic, experienced, kind, and ultra-responsive. I literally felt sad when her Interim contract with the company came to an end. Thank you, Ania!

Jagoda Pysiak

Head of New Product Development

Benefit Systems

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I highly recommend Norbert's support - both as a member of the Benefit System and as a support of Lunching.

As Lunching experienced rapid growth and change, Norbert was a great asset. It was a unique experience to work with him for a few months because of his expertise in working with startups and his extraordinary time management skills.

I highly recommend Norbert's support (both as a member of the Benefit System and as a support of Lunching.), especially if you need to speed up the implementation of your HR processes!

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